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John Maddocks was born in Nantwich, Cheshire England about 1665.  His parents may have Henry Maddocks and Elizabeth Kennerley. Circumstantial evidence is very good, actual documentation still needed. 

A statement about this John is found in The Welcome Society of Pa, Penn's Colony vol. 1, page 88-89.  It says  "John Maddocks, joiner, from Nantwich, Cheshire, arrives on Endeavor in 1682, marries Margaret Kent 28 Jan 1690 by Philadelphia (Quaker) Meeting; buys 50 acres in Nether Township, Chester Co., in 1691, sells land 10 Nov 1692; fined for uttering "Scandalous and dishonourable words" against the proprietor (Chester court Records,); moves away, do not know where. "

There is an online site of  "Individual Ships of Penn's Fleet and Their Passengers"  this differs from the Welcome Society paragraph above and adds additional information.  It states that John Maddocks arrived on the Endeavor 7th month, 29th day, 1683.  I translate that to Sept 29, 1683. Here is the complete listing.  Note that he was accompanied by two servants.  So was he older than 18, well off, or under the care of someone else?


 a ketch, master Geo Thorp, landed 7mo 29, 1683.
Fran; Rosell, millinr; ;Miscall Rosell husbandman
Jos. Milnr & his mother Ann...blacksmith; children Sarah and Ralph Milnr
Tho: Janeway & wife Margaret, husbandman - children Jacob, Thomas, Able & Joseph; servants;  John Neild, Hannah ffalkner
Ralph Milnr & wife Rachel,  carpenter - child Robert Milnr
John Nicholson & wife Margery, husbandman - children John, Tho;, James, Nehemiah, Joseph,   Shedrick.  Servant - James Witakr
Thos. Pierson & wife Margt, mason - his brother John and Mary Smith his sister
John Clous and wife Margery, husbandman - children Wm, Margery, Rebecckah;                 servants Jos.  Charley, John Richardson, Sam: Hough
Richard Hough, husbandman - servants - ffran Hough, Jam: Sutton, Tho. &                           Mary Woodhouse
Fran: Stanfield and wife Graas, husbandman; Children - Jam:. Sarah, Mary, Eliz:, Grass, Hannah -                         servants - Dan: Browne, Tho: Marsey, Isa" Brookesby, Rob: & Tho. Sidbotham, John Smith, Robt Bryan, Wm Rudway
John Maddock, Richard Clous-joynrs, John Clous-shoemaker,  Char. Kilbeck-glover
Geo; Philips & Ralph Duckard - servants to John Maddock
Daniel Sutton - taylor, John Presonr - blacksmith, Jo:Charlesworth - tanr, John Oudfield
John Howell & wife Mary Husbandman - Hannah, his daughter
Mary Taylor - children Isaack, Tho:, Jona:, Pheb:, Mary, Martha
Anne Robotham,  servant to the master of the Ketch
Mary Taylor, wife of Robert (who had probably come over previously)"

A different website which also lists immigrant ships arriving 1683, have the same people with the name of the villages and towns they came from.  On this list the servants were said to be "servants to Henry Maddock Henry arrived on another ship in November of 1683.  Were the servants coming with his son, John and preparing the way for Henry's arrival?  This is a partial registry of arrivals, made between 1682 and 1698.
Many who arrived came as servants, bound to serve a certain length of time, and it was on this account that a record was
made(although other names are also listed).  The original of this list is at the PA Historical Soc..
    I've tried to leave the spelling and often strange punctuation as is...

Fran Rosell late of Maxfield in Cheshire, in Old England, millinr, came in the "Endeavr." of London, 
Geo. Thorpe Mr. arrived here the 29, 7 MO, 1683. Michel rosell, late of the same place, husbandman, came in the said vessell. tho; Janeway (Janney) and Margaret of Pownell in cheshire, husbandman'children Jacob, thomas, Abel and Joseph Janeway;
servants, JOhn Neild,Hannah ffalknr. JOs. Milnr. and Ann his mother, late of Poonnell,blacksmith; children,Sarah and Ralph Milnr. Ralph Milnr. and Rachell his wife, late of ditto, carpentr, came in vessel; child Robert. Tho; Pierson and Margt. his wife, late of ditto, mason. John his brother and mary smith his sister, all of the same place John Nickson and Margery his wife, late of Powell in Cheshire, husbandman; children John, Thomas, James, Nehemiah, Joseph and Shedrick Nickson; servant James Whitaker. Mary, Jane Margery and Elizabeth Nickson (children) John Clous and Margery his wife late of Bosworth in cheshire, husbandman,; children, Wm., Margery and Rebeckah clous; servants Jos; Charley, John richardson, sam: Hough. Richard Hough, late of Maxfield in Cheshire, husbandman; servants ffran;Hough, Jam: Sutton, Tho: Woodhouse, Mary Woodhouse. Fran: Stanfield and Graas his wife, late of Garton in Cheshire, husbandman,; childlren, Jam: Mary, sarah, Eliz: Gras and Hannah ;servants - Dan: Browne, Thos: Marsey; Isa: Brookersby, Rob. SidBotham, John Smith, Robt. Bryan, Wm Redway, Thos; Sidbotham/ John Maddock, Joynr.Richard clous, Joynr John Clous, shoemaker Char: Kilbeck, glover - all of Nantwitch in Cheshire, Geo: Philipps & Ralph Duckard, servants to Henry Maddock. Daniel Sutton, Taylor.John Presonr, blacksmith both of Maxfijeld in Cheshire, came in ditto shipp & Jo: Charlesworth, tanr. of the same place. John Howell and Mary his wife, late of Budworth in Cheshire, Husbandman, and Hannah his daughr. Ann Robothan, servt. to the Master. of the sd. Ketch.
I think it is very possible that John was Henry's son.  The timing and general vicinity makes it a reasonable surmise. from Chester (UK) Marriage license, vol V, 1661-1667, page 198 Henry Maddocks of Nantwich, joyner wed Elizabeth Kennerley of Middlewich, sprinster at Acton or Nantwich.  John and Henry Maddocks were both Joiners, came from the same village, and John was accompanied by Henry's servants.  They also purchased land near each other in Chester County south of Philadelphia near the Delaware River. .

Henry Maddocks purchased land in Springfield PA in 1683.  This land was inherited by "Henry's son and heir, Mordecai Maddocks"  in 1701.  Mordecai had visited PA briefly in 1687, but returned to England.  He came back to PA to take possession of his inheritance in 1701.  John Maddocks purchased land in Nether Providence in 1691, which he sold in 1692 to William Simpson, Chester county Deed book A page 141Nether Providence is just next to the land Henry had purchased,  

John Maddocks appears in the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting on 1689/90, 12, 24 when he is reinstated AND  gets a certificate from Philadelphia Monthly Meeting to marry Margaret Kent. Which he did 1690, 1,28.  So prior to that he was "condemned" and removed from the Quaker community.  Possibly because of the above reference to "Scandalous ...words."  If he were Henry's son, this may be the cause of a riff and not being an heir, and why John never had a son named Henry.  But John Maddocks did have a daughter Elizabeth.   

Margaret Kent had actually been married twice previous to John Maddocks.  Her maiden or birth name is unknown.  We also don't know how old she was or where she was born.  From the Philadelphia Monthly meeting, we know that Robert Kent, cordswainer wed Margaret Thompson, widow on Aug. 5, 1686.  The Monthly Meeting reported Robert Kent died March 8, 1688. It may have been April.  the actual note reads 1-8-1688.  I can find no trace of Margaret prior to 1686.  However, even though she had been widowed twice, it is very likely that she was a young women of under 30 when she married John Maddocks on Jan 28, 1690.

After John Maddocks sold the Nether Providence property, the couple was said to move away to an unknown destination.

Is it possible they moved to Kent County VA? Yes - but  It needs to be firmly connected to the John and Margaret Madox of New Kent County VA.
                                        In 1700 a John and Margaret Madox appear in Virginia at a Quaker wedding. It really helps that the Quakers kept such extensive records. Everyone who attended signed the                                             certificate. From the Henrico Monthly Meeting 1700, 2nd month, 28th day.

                                        Is this the  John Maddocks from Nantwich, Cheshire England then Chester County Pennsylvania?  Circumstantial evidence supports that idea. There is a daughter Elizabeth who                                         marries Joseph Woodson in Virginia. There is the older son  John  born between 1690 and 1700. The first son born in Virginia to John and Margaret was Robert.  That was the                                         name of the deceased husband of  Margaret of Chester PA.

                                However, the connection is still to be proved. 
                                Unfortunately, New Kent County VA court records from this period have been lost to fire. 

                                         St. Peter's Church in New Kent County is located about 20 miles west of Richmond VA.  Henrico County is just to it's south. The St. Peter's parish register of New Kent Ct,                                                 Virginia records the children of John and Margaret Madox born after 1702.

                                        1. Sarah, baptized Sept 27, 1702,
                                        2. Robert Maddox baptized Feb. 24, 1704/5
                                        3. Susannah, baptized Oct 19, 1707
                                        4. Michael baptized, May 31, 1713
                                                    then we also know
                                        5. Goochland court Orders May Court 1746 named John Maddox, the elder brother of Michael Madox.  John was born prior to 1701.
                                        6.  Elizabeth Madox married Joseph Woodson about 1709. I believe born 1691-2.  They are constantly connected with family members.  Joseph witnesses land sales of Madox                                             brothers, and puts up security for Michael's Administration. VA Order Book #6, page 422  The couple live next door to John Madox, the elder brother, ie Historical                                                             Genealogy of the Woodsons, page 33 by Woodson Morton.
                                        7-8.?  There are other Madox names, William Madox and Wilson Madox connected with the family, but whether they were children of John and Margaret born between 1692                                             and 1700 or were grandchildren has yet to be determined.

                                        The St. Peter's parish Register notes John Maddox died Jan. 6,1718/19 and Margaret Maddox died Dec. 31, 1718. This was a devastating week for the family.  John would                                         have been about 53 years old and Margaret was perhaps a few years older.  No will has been found.

                                        Now to firmly connect the John and Margaret Maddocks of Chester County PA to the John and Margaret Madox of New Kent County VA.




If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. confirm that John Maddocks arriving on the endeavor was Henry's son.
2.  Find Margaret's maiden name.
3.. Where did they go when they left Chester County.
4.  Get birth dates and names of all John's children.
5.  Prove or disprove the connection of the two Johns and Margarets


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