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Anna LNU, also known as Ann, was born between 1670 &1675 probably Long Island New York. Her parents and birth place are unknown.

Ann married Andrew Bowne about 1700 probably in Monmouth County. His family was among the first purchasers of the Monmouth Patent. Some Bowne Footprints in the Sands of time by Donald W. Bowne MD was found at the Monmouth County Historical Society. It states that Ann and Andrew Bowne had 2 sons:

1. Nehemiah Bowne born 1708
2. Peter Bowne born 1710 wed Deliverance Holmes. He died in 1773 in Lower Freehold

No daughters were named but it is possible that Avis Bowne was the daughter of Ann and Andrew. Avis was born about 1707 and wed John Baird Jr. John Baird Jr. died in 1747. His will stated that the co-executors were to be Avis, his wife and Peter Bowne.

On.1707, May 7, Rev. John Bray,, Baptist minister was a witness to the will of Govenor Andrew Bowne. He had been appointed Deputy Governor in 1699.  Andrew died the same year that Peter was born, 1710. It is not known where he is buried.   Two years later Ann  Bowne  married The Rev. John Bray.  On was information from stating that Ann and Rev. Bray had sons.
1. Andrew Bray, born July 1, 1713, Middletown, NJ, d. June 22, 1789, Hopewell Township, NJ.
2. Daniel Bray, b. March 28, 1716, d. 1778

The Reverend John Bray died about 1716; his wife Ann survived him and renounced administration on his estate in favor of her "son-in-law" John Brayson by Rev. Bray's first marriage.

It is not known when Ann died. .



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1. When was Ann born?
2.  who were her parents?
3. When did she marry Andrew Bowne?
4. What are the names and birth date of all her children?
5. When did she die and where is she buried?



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