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Maria Barbara Kaufmann was born December 3, 1790 in Bissingen an der Tech, Wurttenberg Germany. Her parents were Johann Georg Kaufmann and Maria Barbara Holpp.

The families had lived in this small town for hundreds of years. In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document it was determined to be  Bissingen an der Teck. This has now been confirmed.  We have the history of the village, in German and all the names in the family occur over and over.  This village is south east of Stuttgart.

On June 17, 1812 Maria Barbara Kaufmann married Johann Friedrich Maier.

The LDS library has a microfilm of the church in Bissingen. All the information here comes from this document. Reading the old German scrip is a challenge. We can scan the piece so you can attempt to see it also. Just click under Contact Us with the request.

Johann Friedrich Maier and Maria Barbara had twelve known children, all born in Bissingen.
1. Johann Christian born Aug 4, 1813 and died in 3 weeks.
2. Johann Christian born Aug.1, 1814 and also died in 3 weeks.
3. Anna Catharina born Dec 11, 1815 married Johannes Golz.
4. Johann Christian born April 10, 1819 married Barbara Gienger.
5. Regina born Nov 8, 1821 and died in 2 weeks.
6. Regina born Oct 31 1822 and died in 3 weeks.
7. Barbara born July 17, 1824. She lived to 1909 but never married.
8. Cyriakus born Oct 2, 1827 and died within the month.
9. Rosina born Oct 15, 1828 and died within the month.
10. Johannes born Aug. 17, 1830 married Katharina Diehl.
11. Regina born May 12, 1834 and died in Sept of that same year.
12. Regina born Jan 6, 1836 married John Daniel Kurtz in Wilmington Delaware USA

What a sad record to write. Of 12 children, 7 died in infancy. It is possible that the couple had a medical problem that caused so many infant deaths.It was also the time of the Napoleanic wars.  When the soldiers went through an area, they took what they needed, leaving little behind. 

Johann Friedrich Maier died Nov.8, 1862. It was his 83 birthday. His wife Maria Barbara Kaufmann Maier died just a few weeks later, on Dec. 29, 1862.




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1. What could cause so many infant deaths


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