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Ellin Mason was christened in Shenstone, Stafford shire, England, November 26, 1581. Staffordshire Extracted Parish Records, Sedgeley Parish. Her parents were Thomas Mason and Elizabeth Grazebrook, also of Shenstone. The parish record states that he was a collier.  He may have been a coal miner or worked in the industry in another capacity.  Shenstone lies north of Birmingham, just south of Lichfield.

Ellin married Thomas Brinton Sept 21, 1605 in Nether Gournall, Sedgeley, StaffordshireEngland and Wales Marriages 1538-1940, film 1040788, also the Sedgeley Parish Registry.  He was quite a bit older than she, but I cannot find a previous marriage for him.  The first reference suggests that Shenstone is in the Sedgeley parish, but I would find that surprising.  Sedgeley to day is in the western suburbs of Birmingham and seems a long way from Shenstone. 

The Sedgeley Parish register list a number of children of Thomas and Ellin Brinton.  They are:
There was said to be a daughter born in 1606, who died soon after.

1.  Thomas Brinton, son of "Thomas and Ann Brinton" baptized June 19, 1607. He married Ann Biddle in 1631.  He died in Sedgeley Aug 14, 1689
2.  John  Brinton, "son of Thomas Brinton"  baptized July 15, 1610.
3.  William Brinton "son of Thomas Brinton"  baptized  Dec. 10, 1615.  
4.  Harry Brinton, "son of Thomas Brinton" baptized Nov. 16, 1623.
there may have been other children, but these are the ones from the parish records.

Ellin Mason Brinton died Dev. 6, 1642.  The Sedgeley Parish Register actually said Elanor, wife of Thomas Brinton was buried Dec. 6, 1642, but we believe the name was misspelled.  In the same Parish Registry, Thomas Brinton buried May 14, 1650.  It is not known where they are buried, All Saints Parish is quite old but the current building dates from the 19th century. 



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