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John W. Maddox was born November 25, 1821or 1822 on Corn Creek in Trimble County Kentucky. His parents were William W. Maddox and Elizabeth Moreland.

John W. Maddox married Susan Jane Greenwood on March 20, 1851 ,father Joseph H. Greenwood, Bond Isaac S. Greenwood. from Trimble county Ky, Marriage Bonds and Consents, 1837-1851 by Donna Stark Thompson.

The family lived in a two-story brick house just outside of Milton. It was still standing in the summer of 1996 but overgrown and neglected.

The 1860 Trimble County KY census states all born in KY:
John W. was a farmer age 38
Susan J. age 30
Ira O., age 9
Joseph M., age 8
Benjamin F., age 7
Robert E., age 6
John F., age 3
Rachel Brenker, age 8, birthplace not understandable

The complete list of the children of John W. and Susan Jane is as follows:  Most of this information was in a Maddox Memoir written by Ernest Greenwood Maddox, about 1900.  I have a copy, if you would like one CONTACT US.

1. Ira Owen born Feb. 15, 1852 and died December 8, 1914. He is buried in Strow Cemetery in Marshall County, Kentucky. He married Mary Viola Sanders.
2. Joseph W. born July 29, 1853. He married twice. His first wife was Mollie Flowers. His second wife was Amma Mae Beasley.
3. Ben Frank born Sept 12, 1854 and died Nov. 24, 1917. He married Lee New
4. Robert E. born March 8, 1856 and died Aug 9, 1869.
5. John F. born April 8, 1858. He married Rhoda Fitzgerald.
6. Tirie Moses "Beaver" born May 11, 1860 and died Oct 22, 1891. He married Addie Gholston.
7. Andrew Jackson born Oct 20 1862 and died Oct 4, 1904. He married Clara Herndon.
8. William H born Sept 22 1864 and died Aug 14, 1889.
9. James Eli born Oct 5, 1866 and died July 2, 1949. He married Betty Burgess in 1910.
10. Virginia born Sept 30, 1868 and died Sept 22, 1876.
11. Ruthie Alice born Sept 30, 1871 and died June 20 1958. She Married Doctor J.W. Robinson and lived in Grand Rivers Kentucky.
12. Maude Moran (male) born March 6, 1873 and died after 1958. He married Mamie Miller and lived in Cairo Illinois.

John W. moved his family to western Kentucky after the Civil War and lived in Marshall County.   It is not known why they left Trimble County.  The 1870 Marshall county Census has the whole family together in Birmingham under the family name Mattocks.   Birmingham no longer exists.  It was located on the Tennessee River near Gilbertsville and Big Bear Creek but was inundated when Kentucky Lake was created.  The Old Birmingham Cemetery was on a hill and has been restored and is part of the Land Between the Lakes Park. 
My thanks to peter Strow for that information on the location of Birmingham.

The 1880 Marshall county Census, Gilbertsville district #3 lists the family: all born in KY
John W. Maddox, age 57,
Susan J. age 50 
Ben F., age 25
Andrew Jackson, age 17
William H., age 15
James E., age 13
Ruthic A., age 8
Maude M., age 7

Everyone else was also in Marshall County.  The 1880 Census has the following as head of households near their parents:
Iry O. Maddox, age 28
Joseph W. Maddox, age 26
John F. age 22 was living with his brother Ira 
Tirie M. Maddox, age 19 was living with Hugh English family as a farm laborer.

Julia Mortenson found the following items in the Benton Ky newspaper. Benton is the county seat of Marshall County, but is is quite at least 12 miles south of Calvert City.  Julia surmised they knew very little about the subject. On Wednesday, 4/18/1894, "Ordered that the following named infirm and aged persons be released from paying poll tax:  John Maddox, Sr."   He was 73 at that time.  

He died in Calvert City, Kentucky on Feb 28, 1895. The Benton, Ky newspaper: carried his obituary on  Wednesday, 3/27/1895,"J. W. Maddox, of near Calvert City, died at his home recently. He leaves a wife and several children. He did not belong to any church and was about 74 years old."


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