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                                        The Story As I Know It:

Nancy Peggs was born about1808, probably in Henry County Kentucky.  Her parents were Joseph Peggs and Nancy Cunningham Joseph Peggs was on the Henry County Kentucky tax list dated June 6, 1800.  In a newspaper bio of her brother, Joseph Peggs, Jr.  he was said to be born near Bedford Henry County in 1807, Franklin Democrat, page 1 top of the fold, Oct 31, 1902

She married Joseph H. Greenwood spring of Oldham County KentuckyJoseph Peggs of Oldham County Kentucky gave his consent for his daughter Nancy to marry Jospeh Greenwood on Feb. 27th 1830.  from Oldham County Court House marriage Book.  They were married by Isaac Foster.  There was also a bond presented of 50 pounds by Joseph Greenwood and Calvin Foree, dated March 1, 1830. stating .."..for the marriage of the said Joseph Greenwood to Miss Nancy Peggs who is over the age of twenty-one years."  witness was Jon(anthan) Berry Book 1 page 22.   Isaac Foster later listed his marriages "This is to certify that I solemnized the following marriages in Oldham County."  Included are Joseph Greenwood and Nancy Peggs this 4th day of March 1830.  Isaac Foster was a Baptist minister in the Bedford area.

Nancy and Joseph Greenwood had at least five children. This information came from a document written by Ernest Greenwood Maddox about 1920 as a personal memoir of the Maddox family. He listed the known children of Joseph & Nancy Greenwood to be:
1. Susan Jane, who married John W. Maddox.
2. Ruth,
3. William H, who died in 1861.
4. Jennie,
5. John W
who died after 1919.

A large area of Indiana was purchased from the Indian tribes who lived in that area about 1820.  It was all the Delaware New Purchase.  It provided new fertile land to the settlers of the midwest.  Our Maddox, Greenwood and Peggs family all took advantage.  So about 1834 Nancy and Joseph Greenwood moved to Indiana, probably Johnson county.  Two children were born there.  Joseph H. actually purchased 40 acres about half way between current Needham and Greenwood Indiana.  from the US General Land Office Records, document # 29038 found by Julia Mortenson.   Then very strangely, they were back in Trimble County in time for the 1840 Census. Possibly because Joseph's mother had become ill and they returned to help his father.

On 1840 Trimble County Census, roll 124, page 329
1 male 50 - 59  -  probably William Greenwood, Joseph's father.  His first wife had died.  He remarried 2 years later
1 male 30 - 39  - Joseph H. Greenwood
1 female 30 -39 - Nancy Peggs Greenwood
1 male 20 - 29 - possible Moses Greenwood, Joseph's youngest brother.  who would have been 22 in 1840.
1 female 5-9  Susan Jane Greenwood
1 female under 5 - Ruth Greenwood
1 male under 5 - William Greenwood

On the 1850 Trimble County Kentucky census Nancy Greenwood is listed as 42 years old, born in Kentucky as was her husband Joseph H. Greenwood, farmer. The children living at home were:
1. Susan J. age 18 born in Kentucky
2. Ruthe A. age 15 born in Indiana
3. William H. age 12 born in Indiana
4. Jn W. age 6 born in Kentucky

Jennie is missing from this list. Is it possible that Jennie and Susan Jane are the same person? I think they are.

There has been some confusion as to when Nancy was born.  I believe it came from the 1860 Trimble county Ky Census.  The Census taker, I believe made a few errors.  They are recorded on roll M653_397, page 292 as:
Joseph Greenwood, farmer, born Lincoln County Ky- age 52
Nancy Greenwood, born Henry county Ky, age 57 (I've looked at it, and the 2 in Joseph's is really a 2 and Nancy's is really a 7, but I don't believe it.
Ruthean, age 25, born Iowa - actually it is written IA, and ancestry translates that to Iowa, but it has to be Indiana.
WIlliam, age 23, born Iowa   -   Ditto
John, age 17, born Trimble county

Nancy is not on the 1870 census. Joseph is then married to Catherine whom he wed in Oct 1864So Nancy Peggs Greenwood died between 1860 and mid-1864.  I do not know where she is buried.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

        1. Why did they leave Indiana right after purchasing land?
        2. Where is she buried?

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