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Mary Stoute or Stout was born  about 1650 in Gravesend, Long Island. New York. She was the daughter of Richard Stout and Penelope van Princis.  The Bowne file at Monmouth County Historical Society.

In August 1664 the Dutch at New Amsterdam surrendered to the English. Soon negotiations were on with Popomora, chief of the Nevesink Indians for the Monmouth Patent. The land was in the area below Staten Island in current day New Jersey. James Bowne was one of the 5 interpreters demonstrating that they had had considerable experience with the Indians.

A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties by Edwin Salter was published in 1890. He used the term "Indians" so it is used here as this material comes from his book.

The official deed was signed by Popomora and acknowledged by Governor Nicholls of New York on April 7, 1665. Lib 3, page 1 in the office of Secretary of State at Albany, NY. A copy is in the Secretary of State's office, Trenton. The founders of the settlement were "honorable, conscientious men". They kept careful records of the amounts paid, to whom and who contributed money toward the purchase. "James Bowne of Long Island contributed 1 pound, 14 s, 6 d.toward the purchase." His brother John and father William all were original patent holders.

One of the stipulations was that the land be settled within three years time with homes, planted land and 100 families.

James Bowne wed Mary Stoute on Dec. 26, 1665. Bans had been given on Nov. 26, 1665. They were both of Gravesend, Long Island. Marriage Records of Gravesend, Long Island. They soon moved to Monmouth County. According to The Town book of Old Middletown, "lots at Portland Point, at or near Highlands, were awarded in order as follows:" James Bowne is listed 2nd and William Bowne 8th of nine settlers. The first entry was Dec. 30, 1667 so it was probably in 1668 that they moved to Portland Point.

Mary's parents were amongst those who moved from Long Island to Monmouth County.  The Stout family is  mentioned in First Settlers of Ye Plantations by Monnetteon page 168,9 it states that Richard Stout bought land in Monmouth County, New Jersey from the indians. In the Monmouth County land Records liber II, part 2, folio 62 dated May 1677 Richard Stout is noted as a neighbor in a new purchase in Middletown, South Harbor, on Ramanessing Brook.

Gravesend Town Record shows that on April 20, 1670 James Bowne sold 7 acres to Samuel Holmes "lying at a certain neck called Cellersneck betwixt Sander Lennordser and the highway". This may well be where James and Mary first had a home.

"Grants and Concessions noted in the Proprietors Records 1675 at Perth Amboy" made note of the warrants already allowed earlier. Each "first purchaser" was allowed 500 acres, then each man and wife 120 acres each, then there were allowances for children and servants. James Bowne claimed 240 acres for himself and wife

According to Some Bowne Footprints... James and Mary Bowne had 4 sons. He lists them:
1. James Bowne Jr. born about 1667
2. Andrew Bowne born about 1668/9 wed Anna LNU. He died 1710
3. John Bowne
4. William Bowne
There were probably daughters, but they are unknown at this time. 

The NJ Colonial civil List 1667 - July 4, 1776 by William Nelson for the National Society of Colonial Dames list men who served in positions of responsibility. James Bound (Bowne) was Judge Local County of Middletown June 30, 1685 Liber C, page 100

According to Bowne Footprints James Bowne died in either 1692 or 1695. It is not known where he is buried. It is not known when Mary Stout Bowne died. 




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