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 The story as I know It

Nannie Augusta Croyeau was born Dec 24, 1847 in Baltimore Maryland, according to notes I have from the Croyeau Family Bible. She was the daughter of Pierre Augustine Croyeau and Phoebe Hubbard Ward.  Her father was a successful small business owner.  He made buying trips to France.  Nannie, or Anna was the 3rd known child.  Her two brothers were 7 & 8 years older than she was.  Perhaps Pierre and Phoebe lost a baby or two in between, but it was not recorded in the Family Bible.

 The 1860 Baltimore census, 9th Ward lists the family as:
Augustine Croyeau age 41, Fancy Store, born France
Phoebe age 40, born New York
age 20, bookkeeper, born Maryland
Charles age 19, bookkeeper, born Maryland
 Anna age 12, born Maryland. our Nannie Augusta

Nannie Croyeau married Thomas Yates Walsh on Jan 21, 1879. Again this was in the Family bible.  It was also in the Baltimore sun Jan 27, 1879.  Noted from Index of Marriages and Obites in the Baltimore Sun 1876-1880 by Francis P. O'Niell. It is always fun to follow ages given in the Census.  As we have her birth date, she would have been 31 years old when she married.  However, a year later, her age is given as 27 on the Census. 

The 1880 Baltimore census, finds the Augustine and Phoebe providing a home for Nannie and her new family
at 203 W. Fayette St.
Augustine Croyeau, age 60, born France
Phoebe H. age 60, born New York
T. Yates Walsh, age 32 born Maryland
Nannie A., age 27, born Maryland
Emily, age 9 months, born Maryland.

Nannie and T. Yates Walsh had 3 children according to the 1900 Baltimore Census:
Emilie Yates Walsh born August, 22, 1879 in Maryland she wed Harry Ludwig Maier, and died 1963 in Wilmington DE.
Nona Walsh born June 1882 in Maryland.
Ethel Walsh born March 1888 in Maryland married Preston Wickes, she died in Oct 1982

At the time of Emilie's wedding, 1904 the Walsh family was living at 8 North Calhoun Street.

The 1920 Census lists:
 Thomas Y. Walsh age 71,
 Nannie A. also 71,
 Ethel age 30. They were still on Calhoun St.

Nannie Croyeau was called "Little Mama" by her children. She died Sept 14, 1927. Her tombstone stands on a hill in Greenmount Cemetery in the Croyeau plot.

Thomas Walsh died two years later. He was buried along side his wife. His stone simply reads "T. YATES WALSH Nov. 18, 1929"



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