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Phoebe Hubbard Ward born 1820 in New York.   Her mother was Phoebe Hubbard and her father was probably Mr. Ward. Nothing is known about him.  Phoebe Hubbard is listed in the Croyeau family Bible as Dear Mother. She died Feb. 10, 1863 in Baltimore.   Phoebe H. Ward is listed on census records more than once as having been born in New York.  We have no idea where, and the name Ward is common enough to be no help.

Phoebe's granddaughter wrote notes on the members of the family.  In that family story she said that Phoebe worked in Pierre's uncle's store in Philadelphia as a receptionist and kept the books for the store.

Phoebe married Pierre Augustine Croyeau  about 1838. It is not known why they moved to Baltimore but they were there by 1840  where he first opened a Ladies hair dressing store.  Family tradition has it that Pierre said "Phoebe H. Ward was the prettiest girl in Pennsylvania and he was pleased that he claimed her."  I have been unable to find documentation for the Philadelphia or New York period.

The 1860 Baltimore census, 9th Ward lists the family as:
Augustine Croyeau age 41, Fancy Store, born France
Phoebe age 40, born New York
age 20, bookkeeper, born Maryland
Charles age 19, bookkeeper, born Maryland
Anna age 12, born Maryland.

The 1880 Baltimore census, finds the Augustine and Phoebe providing a home for Nannie and Her new family
at 203 W. Fayette St.
Augustine Croyeau, age 60, born France
Phoebe H. age 60, born New York
T. Yates Walsh, age 32 born Maryland
Nannie A., age 27, born Maryland
Emily, age 9 months, born Maryland.

The Baltimore Weekly Sun, May 27, 1882 reported under Deaths "CROYEAU -suddenly at 1 AM, 26th instant, Phoebe H., wife of Augustine Croyeau." Phoebe was buried in Greenmount Cemetery in the Croyeau plot. Her large tombstone reads " In Memoriam Phebe H. wife of Augustin Croyeau entered into rest May 28, 1882".  Her Death Certificate #57017 says she was 62, of Congesion of brain, Cerebral effusion, lasted 18 hours.



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    1. Who was her father?
    2. Where in New York was she born.
    3. What is the story of her young life.

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