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Emilie Yates Walsh was born Aug 22, 1879 in Baltimore.  re The Social Security Application and Claims Index 1936-2007. She applied in Feb. 1963 and listed household members as Thomas Y Walsh and Nannie A. Crayeau. They were her father,Thomas Yates Walsh and her mother Nannie Augusta Croyeau.  I have to believe her children encouraged her to sign up for Social Security, as her husband died in 1954 and she was 84 years old at the time.  I'm not sure what the benefits would have been for her?

Emilie was the first born to Thomas and Nannie.  At that time the young couple was living with her parents Augustine & Phoebe Croyeau on 203 W. Fayette St.  She was 9 months old when the 1880 Cen sus was taken.

Emilie met Harry Ludwig Maier at a German dance held in Baltimore. He was from Wilmington Delaware. A second generation German American.

Harry wrote a letter to Thomas Y. Walsh asking permission to marry Emilie. Thomas Walsh was surveying across the southwest for the railroads. I have his wonderful letter in reply. It is on stationary marked "Panhandle and Gulf Railroad Company", in an envelope embossed with "The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway Co. " It was mailed from Saffordville Kansas. In the letter he said "Yatesie is such a jolly chum and good indian…"

Emilie and Harry were married on October 12, 1904 at St. Luke's Episcopal church in Baltimore Maryland. St. Luke’s is on Carey Street just one block east of 8 N. Calhoun where the Walsh family lived from at least 1890 to 1934. The couple moved to Wilmngton Delaware

Harry and Emilie Maier had three children:
1. Harry Ludwig Maier Jr. born Aug 7, 1905. He wed Catherine Ann Pennock.
2. Annette Yates Maier born March 28, 1908.
3. Emilie Wilhelmina Maier born March 16, 1913.

                                        Harry was a Civil Engineer and worked for the city of Wilmington. He held the title of Chief City Engineer for over 20 years. The family was active at Trinity Episcopal Church. They                                         lived on Connell Street and he walked to work and home for lunch. Living in the small city of Wilmington, they walked everywhere and took the trolley on excursions to such                                                     amusements as Brandywine Springs Amusement Park, the Circus beyond Union St. and the racetrack at Wawaset Park. Closer to retirement they moved to Bancroft Parkway. The                                         house was in the family until the late 1980's.

                                        Harry Maier Sr. died Jan. 6, 1954 and is buried at Gracelawn Cemetery in Wilmington. Emily Walsh Maier died in Wilmington on Oct. 29, 1963 and is buried next to Harry.




1.  Need documentation of marriage at St. Luke's.

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